Inspire with empathy


Our brand is about more than the products. We want to inspire you, with empathy!

From production to sales, we are totally involved in the process of our Fairtrade and sustainable products, with of course our dear elephants in mind! Tackling this involvement with an empathic mindset makes us able to improve the lives of the local communities in Sri Lanka working on our products, as well as the elephants. And of course  helping you find awesome products to gift! And yes, buying gifts for yourself counts too. Everybody wins!

Want to find out more about why elephant poo paper is such an awesome product? And what all the benefits of elephant poo paper are? Click the button below!

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    All our products are Fairtrade
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    10% of our profits go to elephants in need
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    All procedures are as eco-friendly as possible
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    Inspired with empathy

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