Hey green businesses (to be)! Are you ready for this?

We love paper and so do you?
1+1=2 and this rhymes so must be true.

We love cool businesses who are looking to make their company more fair and eco-friendly.  We can help you find the perfect way to express your company through the paper you use and/or gift to your clients or employees.

What we offer is personalized Fairtrade, cool and eco-friendly paper products made out of elephant poo and recycled material that fit your business perfectly.

Contact us to explore all the possibilities. And don’t be afraid to share your ideas, because as long as it’s made out of paper, chances are we can create if for you.

For more information contact us at: hi@prettyeco.com

Note for you?

How about a notebook. Perfect for writing your thoughts, planning your day or drawing something. We bet it will feel so much better if your own logo or maybe slogan is on the cover!

businesses paper

Stationery parteh

Who said stationery is boring? We can make your paper products in up to 36 colors and with full colour printing.


Some ideas for customized products are:

Business cards – Banners – Small and Large NotebooksNotepads – Beer coasters – Greeting cards – Printing paper