elephant poo paper business cards example
Elephant poo paper business cards
Finally, sustainable business cards that really are the shit!
olifantenpoeppapier visitekaartjes voorbeeld 2
olifantenpoeppapier visitekaartjes voorbeeld 2
Elephant poo paper business cards
Finally, sustainable business cards that really are the shit!
elephant poo paper business cards example
Why elephant poo paper business cards?

Are you a sustainable entrepreneur and/or do you really want to transfer a message with your business cards? Is the company where you work looking for a sustainable next move? We make elephant poo paper business cards that give you a sustainable, special story to share. With a business card you always make a statement, turn it into a positive one!

Elephant poo paper is Fairtrade made in Sri Lanka from 30% elephant poo and 70% recycled paper. 10% of Pretty ECO’s profit is donated to the elephants at an organization that helps with our paper. Your business card therefore has a greater impact than just a fun story! Read more about the benefits and the story behind this paper on the About us page.

Size and paper

Your business cards are printed on standard size 85x55mm on 250gms weight paper with square corners.


All prizes for business cards are including free shipping with DHL, you'll receive a T&T code.


Our paper is Fairtrade made from 30% elephant poo and 70% recycled material. Printing is done in the Netherland with bio degradable ink.

Delivery time

After we receive your design, you'll have your cards within 5 working days.


You deliver the design of the cards yourself. This should be a Hi Res PDF with 3 mm bleed and crop marks.


Do you need help exporting or with the design? Please contact us, we'd love to help you!
Everything you want to know

What are the specifications?

You upload a file size 85x55mm, Hi RES PDF in CMYK with 3mm bleed and crop marks.

What are the prices?

PCS | One-sided | Double-sided 

50pcs €30.00 €35.00
100pcs €44.00 €50.00
250pcs €60.00 €70.00
500pcs €100.00 €115.00


All prices shown here are ex. VAT and including shipping within the Netherlands.

What quantities are possible?

You can order 50pcs, 100pcs, 250pcs and 500pcs. Do you want to order more? Please email us at info@prettyeco.com.

What is the size?

Sizes are 85x55mm and are printed on 250gms weight paper.

Can I print in full colour? Can I print pictures?

Yes that is possible. Note that the paper is not perfectly white, because of this your colors might look a little different than you expect. Since the paper is handmade, sometimes there’s little twigs etc. in the paper. Because of this small details might not be visible on your business cards. Big chunks of dark colors, small fonts and pictures with lots of details are not recommended for this reason.

What we do recommend is to let the paper shine as much as possible. By choosing as much white space on your cards as possible. In this way you’ll be able to enjoy the natural beauty of this paper better.

There is no price difference between f/c and b/w.

What does the paper look like?

The paper is off-white and has some structure in it because it is handmade. Sometimes there’s even little twigs visible. On this picture you’ll get a better idea of the paper.

What is the finished product like?

The cards are 85x55mm and have square corners.

How does shipping work?

Shipping goes via DHL, within 5 working days after you place your order you’ll receive a T&T code to follow your shipment. All prices are including free shipping.

How long does shipping take?

After you place your order we’ll forward everything as quickly as possible to the printer. They’ll ship you cards within 5 working days.

I don't have a design yet but want business cards, what to do?

Don’t worry! It so happens that Esmay, the owner of Pretty ECO, als is a (web)designer) With her company Puxels she can help you design a card. Contact her on esmay@puxels.com to check how she can help you.

To which countries do you shop?

As of now you can only order business cards in the Netherlands. All other products in our shop can be ordered in almost all of Europe.

These customers are already so happy!

Go to the product page and assemble your order! Didn’t find the answer to your question yet? Email us on info@prettyeco.com, we love to help you out.