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Birthday card with Elephant and balloonsBirthday card with Elephant and balloons and envelope Out Of Stock

Card + envelope with Elephant and balloons – Elephant Poo Paper


Are you gifting one of our products to someone for their birthday? Why not give a Card with Elephant and balloons made from elephant poo paper with it? Or just stock up on your card supply because, why not? The card is handmade by the amazing women that work at the Fairtrade workplace in Sri Lanka, the hand drawn details on the elephant and the real string make this card extra special. The size of this card is 12×15,5cm and the inside is empty. It comes with an envelope.


  • 10% of the profits go to elephants in need
  • Fairtrade and handmade
  • Eco-friendly, with natural dyes and recycled materials
  • Inspired by empathy


Please note the following:

  • Perfect for ballpoint pens and fineliners, it’s not recommend using erasers and/or watercolor.
  • Elephant dung paper is slightly thicker than regular paper and it has fibers in it so writing on it might feel different from what you are used to. We actually think it feels super luxurious!
  • It’s handmade so your product might differ slightly from the one on the picture.

Slurfknuffel card – Elephant poo paper

 4,00 17,50

Because this card has Dutch writing on it, this product description will be in Dutch.

Deze kaart is ontworpen door Illustrator Carmen Groenefelt. Carmen ontwierp deze illustratie gebaseerd op de warmte en steun die ze van de mensen om haar heen voelde. Aan de binnenkant van de kaart staat het volgende tekstje: “Slurfknuffels zijn als knuffels met lange warme armen.”.

De kaart is perfect om toe te sturen aan iemand waar je van houdt, die je wil laten weten dat je aan ze denkt of als steuntje in de rug.

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