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3D Elephant Notebook – Elephant Poo Paper


The 3D Elephant Notebook made from elephant poo paper has a subtle but super pretty detail on the cover. A handmade, embossed elephant. The size of this notebook is 15x20cm (A5) and the paper is blank. It is now available in three different colors!


  • 10% of the profits go to elephants in need
  • Fairtrade and handmade
  • Eco-friendly, with natural dyes and recycled materials
  • Inspired by empathy


Please note the following:

  • Perfect for ballpoint pens and fineliners, it’s not recommend using erasers and/or watercolor.
  • Elephant dung paper is slightly thicker than regular paper and it has fibers in it so writing on it might feel different from what you are used to. We actually think it feels super luxurious!
  • It’s handmade so your product might differ slightly from the one on the picture.
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