A4 elephant poo colored cardboard paper 250gms – pack of 10pcs


This extra sturdy paper is now available in a variety of colors! Each pack comes with sheets of paper in yellow, green, pink and more. Perfect for making cards and other creative projects.

About this paper 

  • A4 size, cardboard thickness 
  • 10 sheets in a pack
  • Perfect for crafts, making cards and other creative projects
  • Different colors
  • +- 250gms
  • Made from 30% elephant poo and 70% recycled paper
  • Made Fairtrade and by hand in Sri Lanka 

Inspire with empathy

Join us in our vision to inspire with empathy! Of every sale we donate 10% of our profits to the organization that takes care of elephants. These are the elephants that provide us with their poo back in Sri Lanka. Learn more about Fairtrade, “our” elephants  and all the benefits of elephant poo paper on our about page. 

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Please note the following:

  • Perfect for ballpoint pens and fineliners, acrylic paint and more, it’s not recommend using erasers and/or watercolor.
  • Elephant poo paper is different than regular paper and it has fibers in it so writing on it might feel different from what you are used to.
  • Since this is handmade your product might differ slightly from the one on the picture.
  • This thickness of paper is not ideal for the printer. Please check out our 110gms elephant poo paper for that!


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