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The store locator is here! You can now find Pretty ECO products in Rotterdam. We are working very hard to make our notebooks available in more shops and locations. Do you want to sell our notebooks? Do you have the perfect location in mind? Or do you want Pretty ECO to come to a certain city? Let us know and drop us an email!

store locator - heavenly cupcakesHeavenly Cupcakes

Heavenly Cupcakes is the oldest vegan bakery in the Netherlands. But aside from their delicious treats, they also have a wide variety of vegan food and non-food products including a selection of our notebooks.

Nieuwe Binnenweg 244
3021GP Rotterdam
tel: 0636093220

store locator happy earth kitchenHappy Earth Kitchen

Happy, vegan food which is good for the earth. And don’t worry about your instagram, you’ll get the perfect picture here. They also sell a bunch of cute sustainable goodies, including a selection of our notebooks and our Jungle and Crystal bags!

Zwaanshals 299
3035KH, Rotterdam
tel: +31 (0) 10 841 56 66

store locator Grimbergen boekenGrimbergen Boeken

A bookshop with a wide variety of (special) books, movies pens and, of course, elephant poo paper notebooks and cards!

Heereweg 237 (‘t Vierkant)
2161 BG Lisse
Tel: 0252 419180