Mario has been involved in Pretty ECO from when it was just a concept! He has also worked as a volunteer at the elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka and feels like he has a lot to share about the culture and those lovely giants!

what do elephants eat

What do elephants eat?

You might wonder, if you can make paper out of their poop, what do elephants eat? In the wild they eat pretty much every single leaf, twig, branch, bark, tree, bush, grass, plant within trunk reach. After all, they need on average anything between 100 and 300 kilograms of food a day depending on their…

musth red face

What you MUSTH know

This article is for all the women out there who ever wished men had periods. Well, here’s one male species that kind of has it: elephants when they are in musth! This world has become a little fairer, hasn’t it? Bulls (male elephants) get this periodic condition called musth. In this phase their testosterone level…